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Paolino Lags s.r.l.
produces multilayered and aluminium lags for textile machinery such as rag tearing and willowing machines etc., as well as pins used in the regenerating industry and for opening textile fibres in general.

Our company was established in 1956 by Paolo Ghioldi (Paolino)and has since undergone remarkable developments until becoming a leading company in its sector on a world-wide level. Today, our company uses highly skilled staff which places its experience at the service of the customers in perfecting the lags according to the type of machinery and the material to be processed.
In addition, Paolino Lags benefits from the use of modern computer-controlled machinery which guarantees its customers high quality products with short delivery times.

Our production programme includes lags in both aluminium and in multilayered beech wood, with high resistant thermal-hardening resins. Both can be pinned with either flat or round steel pins, with high carbon content, and can be mounted either in the traditional radial method or at an angle of 25° with respect to the drum axle.

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Paolino Lags S.r.l. P.Iva 01813400973 produzione guarnizioni in legno multistrati ed alluminio per macchine sfilacciatrici, lupe, sfioccatrici, ecc. wooden and aluminium lags for rag tearing machines, willow, fibre openers, pins for the textile industry